2nd Blockchain Technology Summit | Exhibit | Workshop
(Due to UCI Covid schedule, new date will be available soon)

Call For Speakers & Sponsors


To learn more about the speaking opportunity, please contact the BTS Organizing Committee: Email & Phone number.

The 2nd Blockchain Technology Summit is a unique event for industry, finance and investment communities, academia, policy makers and government agencies, and media to explore blockchain-related opportunities, technologies, and issues for established, leading-edge, and emerging markets. This one-day event includes visionary, technical, and practical thought-provoking, keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions among recognized experts and innovative startups. The event also includes selectively curated exhibits, networking opportunities, and a student poster competition.


The 2nd Blockchain Technology Summit 2021 (BTS 2021) will be held in beautiful and vibrant UC Irvine, Calit2 facility in Irvine, California, (Due to UCI Covid schedule, new date will be available soon). It will feature informative keynotes, leading-edge technical presentations, enlightening panel discussions, students’ posters, demos and Tabletop exhibitions from world-leading technology and service providers, solution vendors, research institutes, open source projects, and academia. BTS 2021 will be the primary forum for technical exchange of the latest research and innovation, regulations, policies, standards, and applications in this exciting and challenging area.

BTS 2021 is seeking submissions of abstract proposal from technical and visionary speakers as well as proposal for panel topic and abstracts in Blockchain-related topics.

We have several 30-min presentation opportunities, 45-min Keynotes during the program, and several panelists opportunities in this year’s Summit.

This year, the BTS Technical Advisory Board and Organizing Committee are looking for highly innovative Blockchain-based applications, startups developing Blockchain-related solutions, as well as leading-edge topics in Medical, Financial Services, Security and Ecommerce (not limited to any vertical market segment).

Speakers are invited to submit (1) original abstracts written in English (less than 600 words) that have not been presented for publication elsewhere, and (2) their bio along with their picture and organization logo (preferably in JPEG). All presentations are in PowerPoint (no paper submission is required).

Please submit your abstract proposal along with your bio to: Email us or call +1 949-356-2399.

If you have any questions, please contact the BTS 2021 Organizing Committee: Email us or call +1 949-356-2399.


All speakers and panelists from the "non-sponsoring" and "non-exhibiting" companies and universities need to register for the Blockchain Technology Summit (BTS). For questions, please contact the Blockchain Technology Summit Organizing Committee BTS@BlockchainTechnologySummit.com or 949-356-2399.


Blockchain and IoT
Blockchain Voting
New Applications for Blockchain
Blockchain in Medical Technology
Token Economy
Blockchain and Democracy
Regulations & Policies in Cryptocurrency
Digital Wallets, Coin Exchange, Initial Coin Offering
Anonymity and Criminal Activities of the Cryptocurrency
Distributed Trust
Defense & Blockchain
Decentralized Internet Infrastructure
Hackers & My Cryptocurrency
Distributed Consensus & Fault Tolerance Algorithms
Distributed Database Technologies for Blockchain
Blockchain and Asset Ownership
Blockchain Platforms
The Blockchain IPOs
Blockchain-based Applications & Services
Blockchain Plan for Prosperity
Blockchain & Energy
Blockchain & The Music Industry
Monetary Policy & Blockchain
Radical Transparency vs. Preservation of Privacy
Blockchain and Supplychain
Smart Contracts
Blockchain Ideals with Practicality
Denationalization of Money
Blockchain Revolution
Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrencies
Managing the Risks of Cryptocurrency
Blockchain for Ecommerce
Blockchain as a Business Platform
Ledger of Things
Decentralized App Development
Security, Privacy, Attacks, Forensics
Transaction Monitoring and Analysis
Blockchain Industrial Challenges and Opportunities
Enterprise Blockchain & Financial Services
Government & Blockchain Adoption
Autonomous Agents
Blockchain Humanitarian Aid
Off-chain Transactions
Blockchain in Cyberphysical Systems
Blockchain Systems


Blockchain Technology Summit presents unique and customized sponsorship opportunities for promoting your brand, products, and technologies to a very targeted and interested audience from industry, finance and investment communities, academia, policy makers and government agencies, and media. Please Email us or call +1 949-356-2399 to discuss your business and marketing needs. We look forward to collaborating with you on innovative ways to meet your marketing goals.


Blockchain Technology Summit is always looking for fresh new ideas, crisp visions, and thought-provoking perspectives. Here is an opportunity for you to collaborate with your fellow technologists, innovators, executives, and policy makers to brainstorm and paint a picture of the future.

For more information or to discuss your specific marketing needs, please Email us or call +1 949-356-2399.


Keynote speakers get to share their perspective on the present landscape, outline their path going forward, or paint their vision of the future. This is an excellent opportunity to address, inspire, and influence a very targeted, knowledgeable, and interested audience from industry, finance and investment communities, academia, policy makers and government agencies, and media. For more information, please visit: Keynotes.


Panelists collaborate with their peers to discuss ideas, opportunities, and challenges in the blockchain landscape. Here is an opportunity to discuss your vision, collaborate with recognized experts to define the solutions and address the issues raised by a targeted, knowledgeable, and engaged audience. For more information, please visit: Panels.


Innovative startups have an unprecedented opportunity to showcase their unique story, highlight their successes, and present their blockchain-based products and applications to the investment community seeking new funding prospects.

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Blockchain Community

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